What are the Best Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers in India?

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Gone are the days when remote workers had to rely on mail to send and receive documents. With all the tech out there for you, like a business phone system, you no longer have to sacrifice time or money and what’s more, is that you can achieve better productivity!

The way we conduct business has been transformed by the advancement of technology. With a laptop and network connection, you can be productive from anywhere your skill set allows you to land. However, remote workers often face challenges such as increased responsibility, time pressure, and demanding managers, which can hinder their productivity.

Discover effective productivity hacks regardless of your location with our insightful post!

Uncover time management tricks, conquer distractions, and utilize efficient tools to enhance productivity as a remote worker in India.

Productivity Hacks: 

Set Goals and Track Your Progress

For a remote worker in India, setting goals is as important as any other job. As exciting as it sounds to work in the comfort of your home, you’ll need to ensure you don’t spend most of your time browsing other things.

It’s easy to lose focus when working remotely – especially if you have unlimited access to various distractions. You have somehow engineered a way for yourself out of daily boredom in your hometown, but this may not be the case when working from home.

So, this is why you need to set a clear goal that will drive you to work harder every day. Start with the small things – make it a point to work 4 hours daily, then slowly upgrade it as you get used to the routine. If possible, set up an online timer so you’ll know how much time you’ve spent working that day – this will help prevent you from spending too much time on other things than work.

Always keep your goals in sight – surround yourself with reminders of your long-term goals by putting up a calendar or writing them out on paper and then sticking them somewhere prominent in your home office space. Check them out occasionally to keep yourself motivated and on track.

Take the Initiative in Managing your Time Effectively

While it’s important to set goals and keep track of your progress, you must also develop the ability to manage your time effectively. If you are a new remote worker in India, you will soon discover that it is not as easy as it sounds. However, with some tips on how to maximize your work hours and increase productivity, you can expedite task completion.

Here are Six Key Tips on How to Use your Valuable Time More Efficiently:

1. Turn Off Distractions

You’ll know yourself better than anyone else when it comes to knowing what distracts you most. To minimize distractions from your phone or email notifications, silence and keep your phone out of sight. Limit checking emails to specific times each day. When working from home, stay vigilant in preventing distractions from household chores or family conversations.

2. Plan Accordingly

Create a realistic and detailed to-do list based on your goals – don’t just jot down things you want to do. If you need to make a presentation or finish an important task, schedule it to dedicate parts of your day to them. This way, you can avoid distractions and prioritize what’s important.

3. Arrange Tasks Based on their Level of Importance

Ensure that the most important tasks are done first – this will make a big difference later. By arranging tasks according to their importance, you can effectively allocate your time and resources to tackle crucial responsibilities first, enabling a more efficient and productive workflow.

4. Use To-Do Lists and Productivity Apps

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here – plenty of apps and tools can help you manage tasks more effectively. Popular smartphone apps like Wunderlist offer a comprehensive task overview, complete with priority-based reminders. Alternatively, numerous hassle-free tools enable you to create detailed task lists with a more flexible approach.

5. Prioritize According to Your Goals

When conflicting priorities arise, prioritize important tasks that contribute to the larger goal. If working on competing projects, focus on efficient task completion, ensuring sufficient time for the main priority.

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6. Mood-based prioritization

You can switch your priorities daily depending on how you feel at work and during your free time. By considering your mood when prioritizing tasks, you can strategically tackle activities that align with your current mental state, increasing your motivation and engagement levels.

Check out the List with Some More Ways to be More Productive from Home:

Get a portable scanner that can also scan out paragraphs at once if you need something scanned into the computer. Get a scanner that uses web-based software to access it from anywhere. It is an amazing way to digitize your papers, so you don’t have to carry documents in your bag!

Use your Tablet or Smartphone as a Business Card Scanner:

Certain tablets come pre-installed with the software, making them a worthwhile investment if you plan to use them for work. Easily save contact information to cloud storage services like Google Drive by scanning business cards on your phone or tablet. This way, you always have your contacts with you!

Avoid having a Landline:

This is a great way to reduce your monthly expenses and eliminate a lot of household clutter. Your cell phone plan should give you all the features you need for work, like call forwarding, multiple lines (if needed), and free long-distance.

Use your smartphone as a cloud video conference device: While this may be overkill if you’re starting as an experienced remote worker, this is a great way to save money and enjoy plenty of perks from your service provider.

Get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to Use at your Workplace:

This allows you to access the Internet by logging into another server using your computer or mobile phone. This service will help you get around any firewalls blocking you from accessing certain sites or services, like social media, and even services requiring you to sign up for an account through their website (e.g., LinkedIn, Dropbox, Evernote).


Discover effective hacks for remote workers in India to maintain smooth workflow and overcome productivity hurdles. Experience the effectiveness of these strategies in maintaining focus and minimizing procrastination on crucial tasks. Your productivity will improve over time by following the updates and following them.

Published: June 20th, 2023

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