Call Forwarding: What is it and why is it a Must for Your Business?

call forwarding

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call forwarding

What is call forwarding?

The feature of call forwarding is available on both traditional and VoIP phone systems. At the basic level, it diverts incoming calls to another number or service. For your information, call transfer or call forwarding are two terms that have similar meanings.

To explain, call forwarding is now a common feature of several business phone systems. It is more flexible and useful than it was when it was dependent on a local phone provider in the past. With respect to Cloud-based business phone systems, call forwarding can dramatically enhance your company’s call management. It doesn’t matter whether your company handles all phone calls through a single phone line or if you have a dedicated call center.

Why is Call Forwarding important for businesses?

According to a recent survey, most customers feel that the inability of the agents to quickly fix problems is the most annoying part of customer care.
But with this feature, your customers will always receive prompt and dependable customer assistance. Furthermore, you can activate it in both conventional and cloud-powered phone systems. Also, it allows you to keep in constant contact with your clients. Additionally, technological improvements today allow you to set up call forwarding on a single smartphone and avail of its advantages wherever you are.

Call routing and call recording can assist you in tracking and analyzing data. In addition, routing calls appropriately is an additional advantage of call forwarding. Therefore, call forwarding has become a typical function across several businesses today.

How does the call-forwarding feature work?

At the basic level, the only purpose of call forwarding was to divert incoming calls to another number. But as technology advances, various sophisticated settings are available that can completely alter the customer assistance experience.
In simple terms, you get an incoming call whenever a client tries to call your company by phone. Using the call forwarding feature, this incoming call is then transferred to the target number. This results in flexibility where you can take the call at any time and from any place without keeping the caller waiting.

call forwarding importance in business

The Applications of Call Forwarding Feature:

In fact, there are many different ways to implement a Cloud business phone feature. Below are the common ways of call-forwarding applications.

Call Forward;

If you are away from your device or taking a formal break from work, it is possible to forward all incoming calls.

If you are busy; 

You can use this feature if you are waiting to receive an important call. In such cases, all incoming calls can be forwarded when you are on the phone with someone else.

Unanswered Calls;

Suppose, if you are unable to answer your phone, for instance, you are in a meeting. Then, you can enable the setting that forwards unanswered calls.

If you are not reachable;

It might be any reason, you can forward the calls if you are unavailable. It may be due to poor reception, a lack of phone signals, or even a dead battery. By using this setting, you will not miss business calls.

What are the benefits of call-forwarding features?

Customer Experience:

People rate any business only based on its post-sales customer service. For that reason, a well-organized and efficient support system is essential for every organization. Cloud-based communications can ease customer service through a variety of channels like emails, calls, and chatbots.

There are a few crucial considerations to make when a call is forwarded. Any caller based on his concern must be linked to a knowledgeable representative who can respond to their questions. Next, if your clientele is global, think about hiring representatives that are fluent in different languages to provide the appropriate level of support.

Don’t miss a single business call:

Everything changed with the introduction of smartphones. The quick global 4G/5G connections, in contrast to past times when landlines were the means of communication, have changed.

Technology has advanced significantly today. There is no chance of missing a single business call. You can redirect every call on your selected device and location. If you intend, you may even route work calls from office phones to home phones. Also, you can give your staff members unprecedented levels of comfort and freedom.

Low Investment:

There is no need to purchase additional hardware when the call-forwarding feature is enabled. With cloud technology, you can quickly and affordably set up several phone lines and enjoy the features of cloud-based business phone systems.

In addition, you can reduce the requirement for a specific staff that routes calls based on demands. This is another way how call forwarding promotes cost-effectiveness in a corporation. In cloud telephony, all of this may be done by an automated procedure without human involvement.

Balanced Work Life Cycle:

Suppose, there is a situation where one of your staff members anticipates a call after office hours. Then, they can use the call forwarding option to transfer the call to the smartphone they use away from the office.

If you want to prevent employees from getting too many calls at unusual hours, then limit the Call forwarding feature to operate just for a short time after work. You can switch a call to the IVR system (self-service menu) especially to ensure that your consumers don’t have any unanswered questions. 

In addition to the above, on-hold music, voicemail capabilities, and the capacity to simultaneously route calls to numerous phone numbers are additional features.

Some Suggestions while wrapping up:

To conclude in simple words, call forwarding guarantees improved communication for all companies along with more operational freedom. Because now you do not need to operate limited to the office premises. It allows you to attend to your customer’s requirements wherever you are.

In the present day, more businesses are choosing call forwarding as a result of the high preference for hybrid and remote working trends. Because it enables their staff to remain productive from anywhere in the world irrespective of the location. Hence, no matter how big your company is, you need to be available all the time to handle consumer issues and needs.

But at the same time, there are certain parameters that every business leader/manager has to keep in mind before choosing a call forwarding service.

Notice that every call forwarding service is unique from others available in the market. Some of the providers may let you forward calls to an infinite number of phone numbers while others could have a limitation on the same. Remember the cloud-based business phone services are flexible to customize also. Yet, the provider offers the chosen business plan for you. 

Therefore, when selecting a call forwarding service, we suggest you go through the below checkbox so that you don’t need to face any unwanted situation in terms of scalability or any other issues. So, take the following features into account before choosing a service:

  • Price required for the service
  • Call export functionality limit
  • Call recording and call routing (whether they are available or not)
  • The system’s capacity to keep track of calls

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Published: January 17th, 2023

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