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Communication is an entity in business operations and both are not the same thing. A fundamental element that strongly connects businesses with their prospects such as customers or stakeholders is effective communication. Obviously, if a company is able to communicate effectively with its customers, it can definitely help in productivity as well as profits. Communication can help businesses expand.

Hence, business leaders must comprehend that a business phone system must be effective and operation becomes critical. To achieve this state, a proper system and a successful strategy are essential for businesses.

If business managers effectively manage calls, it allows them to provide an outstanding customer experience which can earn their loyalty. Also, businesses can seamlessly manage and respond to calls using call management software. Notice that you can enhance not only the on-call experience of your customers/prospects but also that of stakeholders with the use of call management software.

As a result, your business will take a leap into expansion, as will all of your business relationships.

Call Management System:

In general, certain companies such as call centers or telemarketing teams handle lots of inbound and outbound calls respectively. Therefore, there is a need for a system to handle this scenario. So, the method and system that businesses and organizations install to manage and control incoming calls are called a Call management system.

This system tracks callers to improve relationships with prospects like old and new customers to ensure that customers receive optimal responses to their calls as soon as possible.

So, the goal of Call management systems is to keep track of calls in the first step, gather information from callers, and finally route the call to the right agent. That is why it is an essential component of appointment-based businesses that sell services or products.

The call management system is very useful for all kinds of businesses. Because it has unified communications features that show all business calls in one place.

Additionally, call management can facilitate the caller demographics analysis and behavior. This can help businesses with a significant advantage over their rivals. Since these call management systems are typically software based on customized business phone systems, their characteristics vary respectively.

Call Management Software:

For any growing company, it is necessary to manage and handle all incoming and outgoing calls. For that reason, call management software routes call with telephone systems with respect to the predetermined parameters.

Its work is to distribute calls based on data, time, or location of a call at the basic level. This service can also deal with IVR menus, hunt groups, and call queues. As a result, it improves the customer experience through various features, and agents can efficiently handle calls.

Call management software routes calls based on predefined parameters. So, the rules are customized and it depends on the routing method.

Call Management Software generally has time-based routing features. Here, it routes the calls according to the time they arrive through the call management software itself. During office hours, calls transfer to support personnel or voicemail in a different time zone.

Call management software routes call based on skill and this is another important option. In this method of routing, the system identifies the apt agent so that it can route the call to assist the customer. On the other hand, if the call regards a specific product, then it is routed to the team member with sufficient product knowledge.

There is one more interesting option that distributes calls equally among team members using round-robin routing. This results in an equal number of leads for each member. These routing systems are frequently personalized by the company. They are combined and utilized together, depending on the need.

How Does Call Management Software Work?

The work of effective call management software includes call tracking, analysis, routing, and processing for being the best solution for a company.

So, the most crucial aspect of a call management procedure should be tracking. Consequently, a distinct phone number exists for each aspect of a business strategy so that it can efficiently track calls.

Call management solutions encompass all aspects of marketing campaigns including digital ads, radio stations, and television commercials. Every aspect here has its own distinct phone number for customers to call.

This system can record the call and keep track of the number of received calls along with Call recordings. You can compare to all other tracked sources to determine the most efficient one as soon as they call.

Additionally, for the purpose of categorizing each caller according to their demographic, the system stores their name, number, location, and any additional information. The call audio is recorded for later listening by staff members for quality check. They can use this to determine where the call went wrong or right.

This tracking system provides numerous useful insights to improve the customer experience through call recording, routing, and tracking customer data.

Call Management software

Here are Some of the Essential Features of Call Management Software Out of Many:

Tracking and Monitoring:

This is most useful for customer care teams. Tracking and monitoring assure us to answer every call in the least possible time. And, it also distributes the calls equally among the agents. It preserves the customer history as well.


It notifies especially existing customers about the new updates, changes, or offers that your company brings. It uses a unified communications platform such as mail, text, social media, or even phone calls.

Call Recording:

Managers can check the quality of the service through this feature. Later these recordings help the business managers in training new staff, guiding them to motivate the team and improve productivity.

Interactive Voice Response:

In today’s business world, IVR is very important for a better customer experience. With the help of this feature, call-centric organizations can handle inbound calls while guiding them to appropriate agents through self-service. IVR can lower the count of missed calls.

Call Analytics:

If you combine your company’s CRM software with a call management system, you can track customer information better. Companies can access useful information about all incoming and outgoing calls. Hence, it can give the total number of calls, caller demographics, and other information. Businesses can thus efficiently optimize their calls.

Call Distribution:

Customers feel happy when their problems are resolved quickly. Customer service is more effective with live call transfer and it is possible through the Automatic Call Distribution feature. The call transfer feature enables you to transfer a call from one agent to another without having to disconnect. Customer satisfaction increases because they do not have to wait.


To simplify the topic, it is all about routing the inbounding calls. Therefore, it is simultaneously ringing multiple phones at each workstation. Or, it could be a little difficult if there is a need to assign the call to a specific agent based on the attributes of the caller.

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Published: January 12th, 2023

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