How To Pick Right VoIP Phone For Your Organization?

Introduction – VoIP Business Phone

The latest phone systems utilised in organisations for communications purpose which are also referred as VoIP business phone system offers many advantages over traditional phone systems. Any product or service that is released in the market will be successful and high in demand only when it provides maximum benefits compared to other competitors so in the same way, we can say VoIP is good for your organisations only when one knows the benefits and advantages provided by the technology over the traditional phone system capabilities. There are multiple VoIP providers in Hyderabad, Noida and across India who offer the best services to their respective organisations or clients who chase the tough race with other competitors in the world of communications. When we observe the surveys conducted by good experts, 61% of large and small companies and business owners are leaning their interests towards the internet telephony provided by many top VoIP providers in the market who are offering plethora of advantages to their clients.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits offered by VoIP providers in India and the services offered by the best VoIP providers in India.

How To Pick Right VoIP Phone For Your Organization?
How To Pick Right VoIP Phone For Your Organization?


You save a big amount for your company or business by opting for VoIP services. First thing is no need to pay extra charges for international calls compared to traditional phone bills and the second reason is no need to pay for add on included in the VoIP plans.


We can say that it is very scalable as no headache of adding additional extra wirings for your phones like traditional phone systems require. Just by few clicks and accessing your online account you can easily add extra numbers and lines.


It allows users to be very mobile as clients can be reached wherever they may be located and brings them on a single platform to resolve business purposes.


Conferencing calls are very much encouraged through VoIP compared to traditional phones as you need to pay additional charges for making conference calls but to save money just go for VoIP technology.


This technology helps to use the bandwidth with maximum efficiency as it helps to get rid of compression and elimination of speech redundancies.


VoIP technology uses the existing network you are using so no issues of arranging new hardware equipment to your phone system.


Working over a single platform improves the communication very effectively.


No hardware setup installation headaches and no maintenance issues need to be faced by the clients as everything is executed means making and receiving calls over the internet.

9. HIGHLY RELAIBLE                                  

The process of communication that happens in your organisation internally or externally between branches is very secured and reliable so you can rely on this technology for the growth of your business.


This technology is used in business mainly because of this major factor where you need not require to do modifications to the existing systems as it gets integrated easily with the existing applications.

These benefits and advantages are provided by the VoIP service providers in Hyderabad, Noida and by the VoIP service providers across India to connect and build powerful workflows to reach out globally and get connected personally using unlimited talk time…

Best Guide For Mobile Messaging

Introduction Of Mobile Messaging

Today, in this digital world every individual can be seen holding and carrying a mobile in their palm right from kids to elder ones as one can know the entire information and news of the entire world just by swiping and clicking on screen.

Day by day , every business is changing their strategies towards marketing to reach out the target audience or people.

This blog helps you to know what is mobile messaging and its features.

VoIP Mobile Messaging
Easy Mobile Messaging – VitelGlobal

Mobile messaging is a service that are provided by any type of businesses or organisations which is implemented for customer support, sales, recruitment or to simply say that one can communicate with their target audience or end users for communications. Communication is required between any two persons right from residential purposes to business areas and this communication ultimately requires some media to convey the message to the end users. So, thus mobile messaging plays a vital role for communications in marketing field.

There are three types of mobile messaging:

    1. SMS and MMS: SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE  is the primary service provided through mobile phones to communicate the products delivered by the company. This is a simple text that can be sent which is similar to standard text message which is implemented by normal people for communication and by business it is used for marketing purposes. It is very effective and fast process of reaching the customers. It can fit up to 160 characters in the messaging service. MMS multimedia message service is the way of messaging in the form of graphics or pictures embedded in message sent directly to the customers.
    2. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: It is a simple form of text sent by your app to the end users that appears on their mobile device to receive the notifications or alerts by the consumer they should install the respective apps and agree for the push notifications which is related to discounts on their products ,upcoming events and activities related to the company and others.
    3. IN APP MESSAGING: This is the messaging process implemented only in app installed by the end users that means whenever the consumers will open the app then only the latest updates or messages will be visible.
VoIP Mobile Messaging
VoIP Mobile Messaging – VitelGlobal

Mobile Messaging Features

    • Mobile messaging is mainly implemented in organisations irrespective of size of the company as it has many features that are given below:
    • Support: The main feature of this mobile messaging it supports customer issues without making anyone hold.
    • Missed calls: no headache of missed calls
    • Connect directly with candidates and consultancies for recruitment process
    • One can use the existing number instead of taking new sim and new number that may be existing landline or toll free
    • Can opt for 10 digit number with area code.
    • Send messages at perfect time irrespective of typing message means type it and send later
    • Leave notes of your meetings to your team
    • Frequently used messages can be simply copied and sent
    • Import and export contacts is allowed
    • Prioritise messages according to time or date of receiving which helps to read important messages first and the other stuff later
    • Add special messaging effects like emojis
    • Contacts are organised in a format

Mobile messaging has never lost the importance or role in marketing sector though many technologies have come into the market for marketing their products irrespective of type of business or whatever may be the business sector. we suggest our existing clients to go for this type of marketing with us and keep your business profits balanced or hike.

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