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Successful companies grow with time. Consequently, you must begin to employ more people. In most cases, that is a great thing. In such a case, you must install an effective way to get in touch with someone through a phone extension. Else, you start having problems communicating with the customers and clients.

Nowadays, proper correspondence to calls is considerably more inconvenient. Almost certainly, many company employees prefer a hybrid work culture. Therefore, as many remote workers say they prefer working from home, business leaders must consider maintaining smooth communication across distances.

Fortunately, phone extensions are a useful feature. They can connect all of your employees regardless of where they are. In this blog, we will discuss phone extensions, how they work, and how you can use them to streamline businesses.

What is an extension of cloud telephony?

The idea of a phone extension may already be familiar to you. People who work in an office or run a business probably come across this work. It’s a short number that can be doled out to a singular representative or a department. Internally, extension numbers enable us to contact any person they want by dialing this number.

Using these, employees are connected to standard business numbers. However, phone extensions function similarly to regular phone lines. But, the primary benefit of an extension is that it can cover as many departments or individuals as necessary. It does not require additional lines. Also, they are practical.

In practice, a short number can be dialed by any team member intending to contact a specific person, and he will be connected immediately. Besides, you can call any of your employees from outside the company the same thing.

One can tap a short internal number rather than dial the entire number. In addition, members of your team can transfer calls to their co-workers. As a result, less time is spent calling co-workers, and fewer errors are committed. At last, your company’s internal communication runs much more smoothly.

How do extensions work on phones?

If your company uses cloud telephony, it doesn’t matter if employees are in the office, at home, or out. Because, using cloud phone extensions, they can make and receive calls normally so long as their device has a strong internet connection. In addition, Cloud-based phone calls cost the same locally and globally. Therefore, you don’t have to pay extra even if the person they’re contacting is overseas.

Advantages of using cloud phone extension:

Suppose you own a small-scale business or start-up and only have a few individuals working in your organization. Then, having a solitary telephone line with no expansions may be fine. However, call extensions will offer several advantages for a growing company. Extensions become crucial if your company’s staff keeps increasing or you need a way to communicate with remote employees.


Imagine if you are dialing a number, you can save a few seconds at a time while dialing. This may not seem like much at first. However, the difference quickly becomes significant when calculating the time saved by your entire workforce.

Customer Experience:

It makes the customer experience better. Customers usually expect an immediate solution to a problem when they call you. Also, they will be happy if you can get them in touch with an agent to assist them as soon as possible.

Cloud phone extensions can improve your employee productivity:

Overall productivity can be improved through the extensions because it makes work easier where they can connect multiple devices to the same line. You can create unlimited extensions, making your agents’ work easier. For instance, suppose an agent uses a personal device. He will also use a desk phone in the office. He can use a softphone app on their laptop and business mobile. Using that, they can connect all those devices to a single phone line and be reachable anytime.

One more thing about cloud telephony is that your employees no longer need to worry about managing multiple area codes. Because it could be managed when employees call one another with cloud phone extensions. In other words, if you want to reach a co-worker in a different department in a different country, you must dial the short extension.

Business Phone extension

Sharing between multiple lines:

As a matter of fact, a Phone extension becomes a necessity if your organization grows. Yet, even a private company can profit from using extensions instead of dialing out a line/number to each worker on staff. Suppose you have a thousand lines. The savings quickly add up.

It is more valuable than just the cost of an additional line. Since hosted cloud phone systems add traffic to the network, each additional line requires more bandwidth to be provisioned. You can get the most out of the available resources with extensions.

Customers can bypass the auto attendant to connect agent:

The auto attendant is an extremely useful feature. In the case of larger businesses with multiple divisions or departments, it plays a crucial role. But, when the auto attendant cannot resolve the customer’s problem, it can be easily escalated to the respective agent for assistance.

However, returning callers who already know where they want to go are sometimes forced to wait. Hence, customers can get in touch with the intended manager or representative as long as they know the right extension number.


Once you understand the importance of extensions, it is better to think about using call extensions in your business. You can improve team members’ productivity and communication by saving time and being flexible.

Hence, your team can immediately communicate with one another at needy times, saving you the expense of purchasing more telephone lines. If you calculate closely, that saved time will come in handy while providing exceptional customer support or quickly resolving issues.

Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime, simple system administration, and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

Published: December 27th, 2022

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