Cloud Phone Services

Expectations of Businesses on Cloud Phone Services

Cloud phone services are vastly used by businesses nowadays. Many newly established businesses and even large-scale ones are switching to Cloud-based business solutions for their advanced features and affordability. And yes! Businesses expect a log from cloud services as they tend to rely on this service. To understand what they expect from a business phone […]

Message Alerts

What are Message Alerts & Voicemail Notifications?

Text messaging is an innovative idea that emerged in the year 1984 that has come a long way advancing with continuous upgrades serving purposes for individuals as well as businesses. Message alerts, generally known as SMS or short message service, were essentially unheard by many parts of the world till the early 1990s. Gradually, the […]

What is Jitter

What is Jitter?

While on an internet call, a jitter can be briefed as the time delay and deviation of the data packets from the transmitting terminal and receiving terminal. Let us try to explore a bit deep into the subject! Basically, data packets transfer any kind of information via the internet, including text, photos, audio, and video. […]


What is Enterprise?

An enterprise is commonly called an organization or a company. Despite this, the word Enterprise is generally referred to entrepreneurial people who venture to attain success. Types of Enterprise Below are some common types of enterprises we generally come across. Sole Proprietorship:  Only a single person runs an enterprise. All the capital belongs to the […]

SIP Trunking

What Is SIP Trunking?

The Use of SIP Trunking Describe SIP trunking. It is an internet protocol that connects people. SIP trunking enables voice and data communication while giving them complete control over the data transport.  But, the cost of this service varies depending on the service provider and the extra services offered.  Define SIP Trunking. SIP stands for […]

Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing Solutions?

Video Conferencing definition Video conferencing generally refers to internet calling where two or more people meet virtually in real time. This feature is not new to the world but its utilization was boosted at the time of the global pandemic. You can use any device like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop with a web […]

VoIP in Disaster-Management

VoIP in Disaster Management and Recovery

Disaster Management is something that every customer seeks when it comes to business services. It is not to mention that there might be a technical glitch or an outage sometimes. Such a situation generates 2 types of problems. Your team will not be able to access your software, leading to work interruption and data loss. […]

VoIP Services

Get to Know VoIP Features – Extensive Services of VoIP

VoIP Features and their providers: VOIP stands for voice over the internet protocol, used for making and receiving business calls through modern cloud phone systems over the internet. The VOIP name refers to the protocol that helps in routing the calls between the end users. Currently, businesses of all scales prefer advanced VoIP features for […]

IVR Solutions

What is the future of IVR-based telecom services?

Introduction of IVR-based Services in the future: As we have already discussed in the previous blog about what is IVR and its Benefits, it’s time to advance in the discussion about how important IVR usage will be in the future! IVR of Interactive Voice Response is an automated system integrated into a business’s telecom system […]

IVR Service Provider

What Is IVR & How Does It Work?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Generally found in business systems mostly used by customer care teams, IVR has many benefits to offer. Let’s discuss this innovative digital feature in this blog. What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)? IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a set of recorded messages in a voice (or sometimes text-to-voice technology) […]